About Omni-Rand Inc

Omni-Rand Inc was incorporated in September of 1989 and reconstituted in early 2004 as an asset-based alternative debt financing service organization. The company desires to assist non-retail growth oriented SMEs (small and mid size enterprises) to reach their full potential by providing the fuel (working capital) for growth. We will entertain companies from all industries with the exception of medical.

Omni-Rand Inc is a company that offers revolving/term financing facilities based on assets through our North American and international funder partners. Omni-Rand Inc acts as agents. All engagements will be consummated directly with the funder (paperholder). Our funding partners have been in business for many years. The synergies between products allow for conservation of effort in terms of due diligence and production of deal flow resulting in competitive rates and keeping your best interests in focus. There is no cost to the client (operating company) due to Omni-Rand's involvement.

Omni-Rand Inc is success driven and realizes its income in two ways; return on investment and commissions/profit sharing via our 'partners'. We are not affiliated with any particular funder and as a result in a position to be objective.

We understand SMEs and we strive to understand your entire business so that applicable solutions can be introduced.