Accountants and other Financial Advisors

    • As you are aware not all companies fit the banking mould or meet the banks lending criteria. Just a test
    • If your client is: growing faster than their working capital, wishes to establish a bridge facility without incurring debt or diluting equity then invoice discounting (factoring) may be of interest.
    • If the client possesses strong extraordinary growth potential it may well be a candidate for public venture capital. A TSX program.
    • A vendor lease program, if applicable, increases sales, stabilizes profit margins and improves cash-flow.
    • A company which conducts business outside ofCanadawhether importing or exporting will be keen to learn regarding our FOREX services accomplished through our partner, 15 year veteran, Jameson International.
    • Please feel free to contact David Dods at your leisure (416) 317-0262 (cell) or