• Not all companies are qualified candidates for a bank loan.
    • If your client is struggling financially, late on payments, requesting an ill-timed line increase, it may well be in the best interests of all concerned if your client could discover an alternative temporary solution.
    • Omni-Rand Inc may be able to assist these organizations through the purchase of their accounts receivable or by structuring a small asset-based loan based on their equipment, machinery and/or inventory.
    • Our total facility range is $5,000 to $3,000,000 
    • If your client possesses strong extraordinary growth potential it may well be a candidate for public venture capital
    • Most businesses will go to a bank to seek financing before going elsewhere therefore you have an opportunity to be enlightened to an early-stage company or SME and to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.
    • By introducing your client to Omni-Rand Inc your relationship with a banking, checking and future loan customer is maintained and potentially strengthened.
    • Please feel free to contact David Dods at (416) 317-0262 (cell) or