Business Owners and Managers

  • If your company is growing but doesn’t meet the bank’s criteria for a loan/line or credit extension, Omni-Rand Inc may be able to assist.
  • Whether your firm is too young (no history) or have credit problems in your past or if your current bank loan/line is being curtailed ... working capital financing via the selling of your account receivables may be a viable option. So too an Asset-based loan secured by your equipment, machinery or inventory.
  • Statistics indicate that a vendor lease program, if applicable, increases sales, maintains profit margins and improves cash-flow.
  • If your early-stage company possess extraordinary grow potential i.e. $20M in 3 years, and VC funding is being considered it would be prudent to consider the public venture capital option offered by the TSX. (See Indirect Options)
  • Some of the products and services of Omni-Rand Inc and partners may be useful to you on a temporary basis until you are in a position and desire to use,in part, a bank’s lending services. Other products such as public VC, Vendor Leasing Programs and FOREX have long-term and on-going benefits.
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