- alternative to traditional bank lending
- LOC (Line of Credit)
- security based on inventory vs cash-flow/earnings
- range: $750k-$3MM
- advance: 70-90%
- approx costs: 18-24% per annum
- working capital when not available via traditional lenders
- fewer financial covenants than traditional bank facility
- A/R financing without notification to account debtor (customer)
- finance MBOs/LBOs, acquisitions, turnarounds, stock repurchases … other unique opportunities
-Corp financial statements: most recent QTR & year end, value, location, schedule , corp info,  personal financial statements, A/R, A/P status, inventory tracking system etc


- companies who are unable to secure loan/line from conventional lenders
- companies with heavy investment  in assets but thin capitalization
- companies in distress/turnaround situations
- Fast growth early-stage companies with little or no track record