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Growing companies have unique concerns especially as it relates to cash-flow and financial needs. As your company grows its financial requirements grow too. If your company needs more money than you can get from typical sources then non-traditional financing may be of interest to you. Keep in mind that these types/sources of financing are generally more expensive than other forms of debt financing therefore should be treated as ‘renting equity’. The actual rate depends on level of risk and total volume as well as other factors. The most expensive form of funding is equity.

The capital structure of most companies are not made up of one type of financing let alone from one source. Omni-Rand Inc is focused on unlocking the value in your assets, for example, A/R (accounts receivable), equipment, inventory, Purchase Orders (contracts), equity in real estate etc but these typically make up only a small portion of the capital structure therefore additional resources are often required thus O-R assembles and quarterbacks an an entire 'deal team' that addresses; leasing, sale/leasebacks, SR&ED application/file, commercial mortgages, A/R insurance, M & A, bank debt, private debt, debt/equity combo, sub-debt, strategic equity, angel/VC equity, public venture capital etc  - let's brainstorm together and then assemble a deal team of the pertinent subject matter experts. A complete solution is our goal.

Has your growth outstripped your working capital or do you wish to seize new opportunities?

Non-traditional may be an option.

Does your company not meet the traditional lenders loan criteria or is your company in the midst of changing lenders? A bridge loan derived from your assets may make sense.

If your company could use some cash but do not wish to dilute equity ... you may wish to consider funding based on your assets.

Is your early-stage company possess the potential for extraordinary growth? Are you considering a VC investment? It would behoove you to research the public venture capital alternative … the TSX’s CPC program.

We can be reached at (905) 873-7151 or info@omni-rand.ca. Let's explore together the possible 'solutions'. Thanks you for your interest in Omni-Rand Inc.